Professional Capabilities

Category Capability Brief Description
Corporate Transactions & Agreements Purchase and sales of corporate entities and operating assets Handling acquisitions, divestitures, and transfers of corporations and their assets.
  Establishing new entities and corporate organization Advising on and executing the formation and structure of new corporations.
  Preparation and negotiation of components of purchase and supply agreements Drafting and negotiating terms for purchase and supply contracts, especially with manufacturers and suppliers both domestically and internationally.
  Preparation, negotiation, and litigation of sales representation agreements Handling agreements related to sales representation, from drafting to potential dispute resolution.
  Joint venture agreements Crafting and advising on partnerships and cooperative business undertakings between two or more parties.
  Buy-sell agreements, operating agreements, and shareholder agreements Navigating and structuring agreements governing the operation of a corporation and the rights and responsibilities of its shareholders or members.
  Reorganization, dissolution, and closure of manufacturing operations Advising on the restructuring, wind-up, or shutdown of manufacturing entities.
  Dealer and franchise agreements and filings Addressing the needs of businesses seeking to establish or operate within dealer networks or franchise systems.
Real Estate & Construction Real estate transactions and lease agreements Handling transactions involving property acquisition, disposal, or leasing.
  Preparation and negotiation of new-build and construction agreements Assisting with contracts related to building and construction projects.
Dispute Resolution & Litigation Mediation consulting and dispute resolution Offering consultancy on mediation processes and alternative methods of settling disputes.
  Commercial Litigation Representing clients in disputes related to commercial operations, contracts, and other business matters.
  Criminal Defense Defending individuals or entities accused of criminal conduct.
Employment & Regulatory Compliance Employment agreements, handbooks, and policies Crafting and advising on contracts and guidelines governing employer-employee relationships.
  Regulatory and governmental compliance as relates to employment policies and procedures Ensuring that employment practices are in line with local, state, or federal regulations.
Immigration Services Non-immigrant visas, immigrant visas, and naturalization Assisting individuals or entities with visa applications, permanent residency, and the process of becoming a citizen.
Taxation & Governmental Incentives Negotiation of tax incentive agreements with state and local government agencies Advising and securing favorable tax treatment or incentives offered by governmental bodies.
Estate Planning Wills, trusts, and estate planning Assisting clients in managing and distributing their assets and planning for the future security of their loved ones.